20 Before 2020

Can you believe that it is the first day of September? It is true that the older you get the time seems to move at a faster pace, and this year I feel it! This year I turned 30, which is a milestone in itself, but it is also my first entire year living in Atlanta, GA. I believe that there is so much on the horizon and I want to be ready for it, but still live in the now and enjoy this year as much as possible. So to do just that I thought I would create a 20 before 2020 list and see what all I can get accomplished with the remaining 4 months of 2019.

  1. Take an amazing vacation! – Ok so this one is something I already had planned, but it definitely counts. A long vacation is a must to reset your clock, get re-motivated for work, and enjoy time with your loved ones. Thomas and I are going to Puerto Morelos Mexico for an entire week and I plan to be on the beach with a drink in my hand for 95% of that time.
  2. Lose 10 Pounds – This may not be for everyone, but in my first year at my full time job I gained over 15 pounds and I have told myself that will NOT happen in my second year. I really blame my lack of self control when it comes to a free buffet, but I am working on that! I ultimately feel that 10 pounds is just the kick start I need to get back to my comfortable and healthier weight.
  3. Eat Vegan for One Week – With all that is going on in the world, including the fires in the Amazon, I want to continue to decrease my carbon footprint and cut out animal products. I may go longer than a week, but I feel that a week is a great jumping off point to get my started again.
  4. Organize my Office – This is a huge one for me because I am pack rat when it comes to office supplies. I have an odd love for journals and notebooks but have a weird thing about actually writing in them. I need to donate all my unused journals and office supplies to a school near me so they may actually get used for once.
  5. De-Clutter my Closet – My closet, which I share with Thomas, is packed to the absolute rim with dresses that I haven’t worn in years. I need to go through and try on every single dress and see if they will be worn in 2020 or they will be donated.
  6. Cleaning Product Revamp – I have been slowly changing out my cleaning products for all natural products that are better for the planet but I need to just go all in and make the switch.
  7. Pay off all Credit Card Debt – Although I don’t have much at the moment, but I want to be able to pay it all to a zero balance by the end of the year. We want to buy a house early next year and paying off the credit cards will get my in a better position financially to purchase a home and have wiggle room for decorating and furnishing our home.
  8. Create a Photo Book – So for this one, I want to create a phonebook of our cruise that we took in December of 2017. Yes, that was FAR AWAY, but I know I will want to create a new one for our trip to Mexico this year and if I don’t do the Cruise on now, it will never happen!
  9. Schedule a Photo Shoot – Thomas and I have been talking about doing this since we started dating (which was almost 5 years ago) and we really need to get one done! There is just something about getting all dolled up and having professional photos done to capture the love we have between us. Stay tuned!
  10. Develop Photos – How many of y’all have great photos of you and your family but they only live on IG or on your phone? I want to actually develop some large format photos, preferably from the photoshoot mentioned, and have them ready for our new home!
  11. Send out Handwritten Notes – Have you ever received a handwritten note? Doesn’t it make you feel special? Well I want to do that for people I love and make it a more regular thing for me. You should really let the important people in your life know what they mean to you.
  12. Organize my Drawers – In particular, I want to organize my workout gear drawers. I have almost 60 pairs of leggings, but only wear maybe 30 of them. Same goes to Tanks and Sports Bras. I need to get rid of the old and tattered, make sure everything that stays actually fits, and throw anything away that doesn’t make me feel beautiful and strong. I truly believe that your workout gear sets the tone for your workout. If you feel strong and sexy, you will workout harder and more often!
  13. Support a Friend’s Business – I believe that this is huge. There are a lot of people out there hustling to become entrepreneurs, myself included most days, and we really need to support each other instead of giving our money to big box companies. I have a beautiful friend, Denise, who is doing an ‘Unfilitered Sundae’ Facial Party that I cannot wait to go to! Go Check her out her Facebook page HERE!
  14. Purge Photos on my iPhone – I have an old phone that was given to my at my last job and it only has 32 GB of memory (I know 32 GB’s how do I live? but it was $Free.99 so I deal) and I swear half of it is screenshots I will never look at again, or photos that I need to save to my computer/print off.
  15. Get Another Puppy – Now this may not be a goal for everyone, but Thomas and I have been thinking about expanding our puppy family and this fall may be the time to do just that.
  16. Build Content for TMDB – This is the third jumpstart to my blog and I feel like each time I fail at it is because I don’t prepare in advance. My biggest goal is to have 6 months of content built before I even get to 2020. Fingers crossed to getting that done!
  17. Revive CFitCustoms – If you don’t know, I also make custom shirts, bags, and other cute crafts! You can check it out here. I want to come up with a line of SVG’s, custom shirts, and other fun TLT (Team Lazier Training our Fitness Brand) and TMDB (The Modern Day Betty) swag!
  18. Donate Cookbooks I Don’t Use – I LOVE Cookbooks, but I can honestly say I have a lot of them that I have never opened or plan to since we have shifted to a pescatarian/meat-less diet. I do eat meat every now and then, but I plan on limiting that more and more over the next two years.
  19. Create a Vision Board for 2020 – While trying to conquer a bunch of things for 2019, why don’t we set ourselves up for an amazing 2020!
  20. Create a 21 for 2021 – This goes hand in hand with the Vision Board. Making goals for your self, actually writing them down, and then putting a plan to achieve them is how you actually accomplish things.

Do you have a 20 by 2020? What kind of things do you hope to accomplish in the next 4 years? What have you already accomplished this year? Let me know in the comments!

Top 10 Gym Bag Necessities

When gym is life, you know that your gym bag needs to hold all of the essentials to get you through a workout safely and efficiently! See how I said safely? Certain items in your gym bag help to prevent injury and that is on the top of my list! Here’s 10 items that live in my bag that I use on a weekly, if not daily basis! This post may contain affiliate links.

Resistance Bands – Three different kinds of resistance bands currently live in my bag, ones that have handles or attach to ankle straps, long resistance loop bands, and smaller circle loop resistance bands.

The resistance bands that have hooks to attach to handles or straps are probably the most known resistance band. There are two different kinds I have, Bforce Bands that have variable resistance levels that are included in one set (which is a little more expensive) or a set that is one resistance level per tube, but may come with varying levels; similar to these. You can easily attach these to handles, ankle straps, or a door to enhance your workout.

Long Resistance Loop Bands are used for assisted pull ups, lying hamstring curls, standing good mornings and many other exercises. I love this brand of resistance bands, X-Bands, because their resistance bands are great quality and they have really good customer service. You can also check them out on Instagram at @TheXbands

The circle loop bands are a smaller version of the long loop bands. There are many options of thickness/levels of resistance which are great for adding resistance to a glute or abductor workout, glute activation, or warming the body up. They are a little thinner than the hip circle bands, but great for HIIT workouts with higher repetitions.

Hip Circles – Fabric Heavy Duty Resistance Band – This is actually similar to the circle resistance loop band, but are heavier resistance, made of fabric, and sometimes contain a slip resistant liner. This is the exact one I have and it is a great addition to my bodyweight squats.

Sliders – You can easily use the expensive ‘fitness specific’ sliders, but I buy the cheap furniture movers and they work perfect! These are great for hamstring finishers, core work, and mountain climbers.

Lifting Gloves – TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or even Target has cheap ones, just make sure they fit well and are comfortable. These help with grip but also protect your hands from calluses.

Wrist Straps – Straps really help elevate your lifting workouts by giving you extra support to lift heavier weight, but if you do not life heavy, they aren’t needed.

Padded Bar Cover – This is an absolute must for me when it comes to squats and bar bridges! I do not like to get under a squat bar without a pad because I feel like the bar puts to much pressure on my lower neck or digs into my thighs when I do bridges. Thankfully they are cheap because they seem to walk away on me at the gym (a.k.a. I forget them on the rack and they disappear) Here is the one that is currently in my gym bag.

Antibacterial Wipes – I feel that the gym’s wipes and cleaning liquid is ok, but I feel like they don’t clean the benches well enough so I like to have these in my bag available for me at anytime.

Yoga Strap – For Stretching, I bought one at a barre studio here in Atlanta called The Barre Method, and I love this one because it has multiple loops to pull closer within your stretches. This one is very similar but a little slimmer than the one I have.

Knee Wraps – These fall into the same category as the wrist straps, and are really only needed if you are lifting heavy. These wraps help with squats and leg press exercises that you want to protect your knees under heavy weight. Always remember when you are lifting heavy, wrap up no matter what. You shouldn’t start wrapping your knees when you start to feel pain, but try to be proactive and use them for protection.

Weight Belt – This is also a preventative measure for when you are lifting heavy. There are different types of weight belts, Heavy lifting belts used for lifting, a fitness belt that use can add to give a little more support, but not as strong of support as a lifting belt, and then a sweat belt to help sweat and tone skin.

What items do you have in your gym bag that aren’t listed, but you feel are a MUST HAVE? Let me know your thoughts!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin