The Perfect Finger Foods for Game Night

When we can, we like to get our friends together to do a game night, and when you have a bunch of competitors, their girlfriends, wives, and friends together we need food! (bodybuilders stay hungry!) Here is my, not so healthy – but delicious, top five perfect finger foods.  Sheet Tray Nachos – we likeContinue reading “The Perfect Finger Foods for Game Night”

Tasty AF BBQ ‘No-Meatballs’

Every year, after Thomas’ bodybuilding season ends, we decide to go pescatarian, but it seems like we are more pescatarian than anything almost the entire year now a days. It is a conscious choice that we make together to not only eat healthier, but also help with minimizing our carbon footprint on the earth. HereContinue reading “Tasty AF BBQ ‘No-Meatballs’”

International Coffee Day – Let’s all Celebrate!

Did you know that International Coffee Day was a day created to celebrate the journey of coffee from the farm to the local shops around us? It is really about honoring the men and women who grow the coffee beans all over the world and their hard work to get us that perfect cup ofContinue reading “International Coffee Day – Let’s all Celebrate!”

Eating our way through Philadelphia’s favorites

Everyone knows that when you think of Philadelphia, PA food, you think of cheese steaks, but did you know they are equally known for their pretzels and their water ice? Thomas, my boyfriend, was born in Miami but raised in Philadelphia, and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have known about the last two,Continue reading “Eating our way through Philadelphia’s favorites”

Quick Breakfast to the Rescue – Quick Egg ‘Muffins’

Picture this: you overslept, have to take the dogs out, two handsome Frenchies in my case, the boyfriend is hogging the bathroom sink, your shirt you wanted to wear is in the washer and you are starving.  There isn’t anytime to blend a shake or make an omelette so you go into the fridge andContinue reading “Quick Breakfast to the Rescue – Quick Egg ‘Muffins’”

Fasted Cardio Pick Me Up Post Workout Shake

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure below. Every Saturday I try to get some sort of ‘fasted’ workout in. When I say ‘fasted’ I mean a workout that you do when you have not eaten hours before it, usually first thing in the morning since technically you are at aContinue reading “Fasted Cardio Pick Me Up Post Workout Shake”

#TBT We Survived Irma with the help of Homemade EASY Pizza and Frenchies!

What a perfect way to kick off my Blog again with one of my first posts I wrote a year ago when I first decided to try this blog thing out! I guess it just wasn’t in the cards a year ago, but here we are a year older, living in a brand new cityContinue reading “#TBT We Survived Irma with the help of Homemade EASY Pizza and Frenchies!”