Organizing your life, but taking it one room at a time…

It seems like the biggest craze these days is getting organized and getting rid of the stuff we accumulate overtime. I have been working on doing this in my apartment because I am a little bit of a hoarder. OKAY, not that stuff everywhere, can’t walk in the place, could be housing extra critters thanContinue reading “Organizing your life, but taking it one room at a time…”

It’s 2019, let’s get Snobby about Self Care! – Feature with Soap Snob

I was working at my former part time job when this lady walked in with a box of beautifully smelling soaps and I had to ask her about them. Turns out Monica Dickerson, who I now know as the Soap Snob, made the soap herself and was donating them to an event someone at theContinue reading “It’s 2019, let’s get Snobby about Self Care! – Feature with Soap Snob”

How to Create Healthy Habits for 2019

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019! This year doesn’t have to be about ‘New Year New Me’, or a list of New Year’s Resolutions, this just needs to be the beginning of a year where you make yourself a priority and follow through with the expectations you lay out for yourself. Time and timeContinue reading “How to Create Healthy Habits for 2019”

Decorating a Christmas Tree like a Pro!

Growing up my mother always took pride in decorating a huge, 9 foot, artificial Christmas tree. I believe, if I remember correctly, that it started out with multiple colors, different assortments of ornaments and bulbs, but the majority of the years it was a a gold and white tree with twinkling white lights with aContinue reading “Decorating a Christmas Tree like a Pro!”

The EPIC battle of Guys vs Girls and this time Girls Prevailed!

Game Night with our gym crew who has turned closer to family, always includes arguments over the rules, accusations of the women cheating, and hours of laughs and jokes. This past weekend wasn’t any different. I was able to visit Thomas in Florida these past two weeks for Thanksgiving and if I am in town,Continue reading “The EPIC battle of Guys vs Girls and this time Girls Prevailed!”

The Perfect Finger Foods for Game Night

When we can, we like to get our friends together to do a game night, and when you have a bunch of competitors, their girlfriends, wives, and friends together we need food! (bodybuilders stay hungry!) Here is my, not so healthy – but delicious, top five perfect finger foods.  Sheet Tray Nachos – we likeContinue reading “The Perfect Finger Foods for Game Night”

Tasty AF BBQ ‘No-Meatballs’

Every year, after Thomas’ bodybuilding season ends, we decide to go pescatarian, but it seems like we are more pescatarian than anything almost the entire year now a days. It is a conscious choice that we make together to not only eat healthier, but also help with minimizing our carbon footprint on the earth. HereContinue reading “Tasty AF BBQ ‘No-Meatballs’”