Back with a Vengeance

Hello Everybody, I’m Back! I know that it has been awhile, but sometimes things just get pushed to the side. A lot has happened since my last post in January. I received a promotion at work, traveled to Chile for the first time, and aggressively gotten back into the swing of consistently working out.

My boyfriend, Thomas, finally moved to Atlanta full time. He’s had two bodybuilding competitions; one in Minnesota where he took 2nd place, and one in Florida where he took 1st place. We have taken a few trips, including those states, experienced a new city, and enjoyed vacation with family!

We both are falling in love with Atlanta, our new forever home, enjoying a bunch of new restaurants, meeting new people, and really starting to plan roots.

So what is to come? I plan on sharing more of our experiences together on here, while including you in on my tips and tricks to living this fit and healthy lifestyle while still channeling my inner Betty Crocker. So subscribe, follow, and take some notes!

Let me re-re-introduce myself, Christina B, The Modern Day Betty!

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