Organizing your life, but taking it one room at a time…

It seems like the biggest craze these days is getting organized and getting rid of the stuff we accumulate overtime. I have been working on doing this in my apartment because I am a little bit of a hoarder. OKAY, not that stuff everywhere, can’t walk in the place, could be housing extra critters than my two dogs, hoarder, but I get attached to certain things and think I’ll need them at some point in my life, a little cluttered, hoarder. (Affiliate Links ahead, please see my contact page to read my full disclaimer)

But I’m working on it! Having a boyfriend like Thomas, how loves clean lines and ZERO clutter, I have had to get outside my comfort zone and minimize slightly. And I do mean slightly, some people may look at my pictures and think I am still holding on to to much crap, but trust me, it is a process!

First room I started with was the bathroom, and that’s what I will show you today. I wish I had before photos, but like I said this has been a process over the last few months, and it slowly was more and more organized.

Bathroom Drawer

Here is my only drawer in my bathroom, I try to organize everything in a way that I can see everything, and each item has a place. My make up is separated into different categories/shapes, my lotion pots are in an area, and my smaller items are corralled into sections. I used two of these acrylic organizers in the bottom right corner to hold things such as hair ties, chapstick, make up sponges, and a few of these baskets in different sizes to hold makeup brushes, lotion pats, and items that are too long to stand straight up in the drawer. But I will say the key to keeping everything in their place is command strips! This is a must. When you open and close your drawer, the baskets move around and it doesn’t seem to organized anymore.

Since we don’t have the biggest bathroom, I try to make the items we do have look presentable and organized as well, especially when they don’t necessarily fit in a drawer or in the medicine cabinet. I keep all of Thomas an my perfumes/colognes on a decorative tray (this one matches the minimalist theme) and it makes it seem a little more put together than a bunch of bottles just sitting there. Next to our sink, I have an additional acrylic container, but this one has 6 compartments and can house little items such as flossers, q-tips, and bobby pins. I also have this soap/lotion combo because I love the smell and it looks nicer than just a bottle of soap sitting there.

Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is not organized to the level of my drawer, but I tried to rearrange the shelves to make sure everything could fit easily, and I can grab the most important items without moving a lot of things. On the top level I have my cleaners, toners, and deodorant. On the second level I have smaller items such as face serums, face masks, toothpaste bits (if you are curious about them check out my blog post here on them – THEY ARE AMAZING) and on the bottom level I have smaller items including mouth pieces, floss, lip balm, and CDB creams/balms.

The last area, and probably the most unappealing to the eye, is the storage space under the sink. But I promise even in the chaos, everything has it’s place! On the left I have all our extra items (bars of soaps, extra deodorant, spare shampoo/conditioner) in a big plastic container on the bottom, and then I have other smaller plastic containers that house items by category. I have a mouth category which is extra toothbrushes, flossers, toothpaste, and floss. I have a medicine category. I have a nail polish category that holds all my polishes and tools to do my own manicure/pedicure and an extra category which holds my almond, jojoba, castor, and argan oils for when I want to make my own products. On the far right I have all of my hair products and a few other odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else, which is crazy to me I have so many because my hair is usually up in a pony tail or down slick straight. I used a sliding storage shelf like this one, and I fill it with products standing tall on the top, and then my hair irons and dryers are down at the bottom. I also have my grab and go items such as a big bottle of lotion right at front.

So ultimately you just have to start; put some music on and start with a room! If one room is overwhelming to you, start with one drawer and see where it takes you. Here’s to organizing your life!

It’s 2019, let’s get Snobby about Self Care! – Feature with Soap Snob

I was working at my former part time job when this lady walked in with a box of beautifully smelling soaps and I had to ask her about them. Turns out Monica Dickerson, who I now know as the Soap Snob, made the soap herself and was donating them to an event someone at the spa was hosting. As I am starting my journey of natural products and stepping up my bath and beauty regimens, I needed to know more! I told her I would love to sit down and chat with her and get to know her, Soap Snob, and her process of becoming an empowering entrepreneur. So we linked up to have coffee and from that day on, I was sold! I am a big fan of her, her products, and her process of building her business.

Meet Monica, The Soap Snob!

“It all started with an itch and an idea’ comes from her about me section on her website,, and in a short statement explains her whole business. Monica is a scientist by trade who works for the Centers of Disease Control and prevention (CDC) and had skin conditions that many people battle on the daily, eczema and psoriasis. She tried many different ‘commercial’ soaps but even if they worked temporarily, a change in the season would deem them a waste of money. She decided to use her skills in research, her love for crafts, and add in her passion for science to create a formula that would not only help with her skin conditions, but in the end cure them.

Can you sufferers out there with eczema and psoriasis imagine a day without itching or scratching? 

She currently offers five different soaps including Cherry Almond, Lavender, Lemongrass, Deep Detox, and my favorite the O.M.G. which stands for Oatmeal Molasses and Goat Milk). She is expanding her offerings with Detox Masks, Toners, Scrubs, and Oils to add to her already amazing soap line. The best thing about her soaps are that they are safe to use from ‘face to toe’ as she says and does not contain harsh surfactants or sulfates that strip your body of the natural oils you need to stay vibrant.

Monica does so much more than soap though. She also has a passion for helping people. This past year for the start of winter, she gave out free bars of her signature O.M.G. soap to eczema sufferers to help them prepare and battle the cold and dry winter days. She is also a part of the Charge Up! Campaign which is a ‘nonprofit survivorship campaign that supports, educates, empowers, and celebrates men, women and youth who have fought against health, social, and economic concerns.’ You can read more about this campaign in their website Soap Snob offers a three pack of their signature soaps for $30 and the proceeds of the sale goes directly to the Charge Up! Campaign. Purchase your three here and help out this campaign today.

So not only is Monica, the Soap Snob, beautiful inside and out, she works with her community to help eczema and psoriasis sufferers like herself, she has become a successful entrepreneur while still keeping a meaningful day job saving the Earth one day at a time, but she also has a passion on providing the best product she can.

Take a moment and check her out at, Facebook or get at her in Instagram at @soapsnob and tell her the Modern Day Betty Sent you, you will not be let down!

How to Create Healthy Habits for 2019

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019!

This year doesn’t have to be about ‘New Year New Me’, or a list of New Year’s Resolutions, this just needs to be the beginning of a year where you make yourself a priority and follow through with the expectations you lay out for yourself.

Time and time again people sit down and right down a list of resolutions or goals to A. Never look at that list past January 5th, or B. Work your butt off through January 31st and then just settle back into your old habits come February 1.

Choose this year to CHOOSE YOU!

This may sound obvious but a lot of people get lost in the resolutions to make a change that they think is needed instead in their life and get overwhelmed by the expectations of their resolutions instead of making small changes that will end up making a big impact longterm. For example: ditch the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter scrolling first thing in the morning when you wake up so you can wake up with a clear mind and focus on the day ahead, make it a point to drink a glass of water when you first get out of bed, stretch, and start your day off the right way, cut out meat one day a week and help with your overall heath and help out the environment a little. Small things you can easily do that will end up changing your life completely. 

Remember it takes 21-30 days to create a habit and the key is creating Habits not Restrictions. I saw that quote online, and unfortunately I can’t find who to credit for it. It is a great quote. You want to start making a habit of doing positive things in your life and limit the restrictions and use of negative reinforcement to make yourself accomplish your goals. Use this first month of 2019 to start building the foundation with your new habits that you then can build off of the make your life that much better.

Here is a free downloadable PDF to get you started on brainstorming your Healthy Habits for 2019. There are three different pages within the PDF. 

First Page is a layout that I like to use. It shows you four different areas where Healthy Habits can be utilized: Life, Health, Fitness, and Career. Some may say that health and fitness can be the same thing, but I am looking at it from an overall health standpoint; mental health, nutrition, stretching, water intake, affirmations to yourself. Fitness can be looked at as just that, getting in the gym 5 times a week, trying a new boxing class or yoga class once a month, getting a gym partner. On this page I have given you an area to write down your ‘Accountability Statement’ this is a place to hold yourself accountable and HOW you plan on doing that. Are you going to check up on your habits weekly, monthly, semi-annually? Are you going to reward yourself positively if you succeed with your habits come July 1st when half of the year is over? This is a great place to put your plan into action. A plan is less likely to come to fruition if you don’t have an actionable way to track it.

Second page is a blank page in the same format as the first. This let’s you focus on the four different areas you want to focus on and then room for your own accountability statement or other words of encouragement for your self. 

Third page is a blank page of the four different boxes just in case you want to have your plan within your habits. This gives you the room to really make it your own! 

Now get going, start planning out those healthy habits, and let’s have an amazing 2019!