The EPIC battle of Guys vs Girls and this time Girls Prevailed!

Game Night

Game Night with our gym crew who has turned closer to family, always includes arguments over the rules, accusations of the women cheating, and hours of laughs and jokes. This past weekend wasn’t any different. I was able to visit Thomas in Florida these past two weeks for Thanksgiving and if I am in town, I want to make sure I get to see the gym fam! We hosted everyone at our friend, Laquan’s house, and I prepared my infamous Vegetarian Sheet Tray Nachos, you can check out the recipe here, along with a few other yummy goodies and a nice punch. I bought a few games, and we ended up having a great time! 

Top three games you need to have at every game night:

  1. Pictionary you may not think that this will be fun, but the inner artists of everyone comes out, and it get’s interesting! Well more like HILARIOUS! We had ‘honey bee’s with tails that looked like aardvarks, random numbers and a random hat shape that was sworn to be a taxi cab, and dinosaurs that were supposed to be kangaroos. *But note to self, get a notepad with blank paper to rip off and tape up on the wall (with masking tape) to draw on. The little boards in the Pictionary game you buy are way to small for a large group setting. 
  2. CharadesWe used the cards from the Pictionary game to make it easier than buying another game, but they were difficult and we had to write a key of the type of word we were trying to guess so it wasn’t impossible. Go with the charades game to get words that you can actually act out, it will make it a little more fun. But honestly, if you are ambitious to prep your own, make your own cards! Just write down a bunch of action words and put them in a bucket and have people draw. You can cater your words to your event, to a theme, or even a holiday. 
  3. Taboo OR Taboo After Dark (The adult version) –  Ok, now this was FUN! There is nothing more fun than seeing buff body builder men trying to have the other guys guess a perverted word without using the words on the card. The regular Taboo is a lot of fun, but the after dark version that we had bought, made it that much more interesting, to say the least! What made this game even better, we had the host of the house, Laquan, act as the game show host and manned the buzzer (for the words you aren’t allowed to say) and to keep time. But honestly, and the girls will attest, I think he was cheating to try to get the guys back in the game! 

You really get to see the levels of competitiveness of everyone when the game is on the line. Thomas and I are EXTREMEMLY competitive and we always battle on rules, cheating, and turns at game night, but truthfully we just love the game! It is all in good fun with everyone and I love the energy of everyone in the room. The best is when it is a difficult word and you hear people yelling different things, the guys walking closer and closer to make it easier to see what is going on, the girls yelling out time to make sure they don’t slip in an answer after the time has run out. We even had a time where Laquan was trying to get everyone to guess ‘Falling in Love’ by kneeling in front of me taking my hand and gazing into my eyes, the guys just couldn’t get it! So the ladies yelled time, I pushed him over and then the guys yelled out ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ we got it, give us our point! But of course it was already after time and they didn’t hear the lady yell time, and this went on for a good 5 minutes, we ended up giving them their petty point and moved on. Oh to be a guy!

Big thanks to everyone who came out, without all of you we wouldn’t have had an epic time! And guys remember, girls won fair and square – until next time y’all! 

Battle of the Sexes! Score Card Never Lies.

Girls Won by a Landslide!

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