The Perfect Finger Foods for Game Night

When we can, we like to get our friends together to do a game night, and when you have a bunch of competitors, their girlfriends, wives, and friends together we need food! (bodybuilders stay hungry!) Here is my, not so healthy – but delicious, top five perfect finger foods. 

  1. Sheet Tray Nachos – we like to do them vegetarian with black beans, corn, green chiles  and all the fixings on the side. Check out the recipe HERE
  2. Veggie Platter – to save you time and effort, go to your local grocery store and grab an already made tray with carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and a ranch dip OR make your own. You may end up saving some money, but it will just be a little more effort. Choose 3-5 different veggies, you could add a sliced cheese, a cracker, and then a really delicious dip. If I am making it homemade I like to adda packet of powdered ranch dressing to a container of low-fat sour cream, just stir and serve. Easy Peesy and Delicious!
  3. Roasted Nuts – you can choose between a mixture like pecans, almonds and cashews, or a bowl of seasoned almonds, or honey roasted pecans. 
  4. Seasoned Popcorn – This is also an easy app to make and people love popcorn. You can grab a few bags of Vics ready to eat popcorn, or my favorite BoomChickaPop popcorn that is sweet and salty. But if you eat a lot of popcorn, like myself, the best thing is to get is an air popper! You put in popping corn, and let the hot air pop your corn! Then you can add different popcorn seasonings, or my favorite melted butter and hot sauce, and serve. It doesn’t use oil or butter to cook, so it can be a very healthy treat if you limit your portion.
  5. Something sweet! Let’s be honest, everyone loves to have something sweet to nibble on at any event. I like to make cookies, stay tuned for my upcoming recipe of my infamous and CRAZY EASY funfetti cake mix cookies. But you can also grab a few festive cookies at the grocery store, or cheesecake bars, or even make up a thing of puppy chow! I introduced this to Thomas this past year, and he loved it. 

Game night is fun, so don’t stress yourself with creating a huge buffet of food. Remember, you want things to be easy to eat while playing games, you can always loop people in to bring things so you don’t have to buy everything, and get a good mix of bought and prepped items so that you can enjoy the game night as much as your guests. 


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