International Coffee Day – Let’s all Celebrate!

International Coffee Day

Did you know that International Coffee Day was a day created to celebrate the journey of coffee from the farm to the local shops around us? It is really about honoring the men and women who grow the coffee beans all over the world and their hard work to get us that perfect cup of coffee each day. Like most people, I love me a good cup of coffee in the morning and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it without them. So please take a second and look at the International Coffee Day website to see a little more about their efforts and how they celebrate.

I am celebrating with an Almond Milk Caramel Latte: two shots of espresso, a couple pumps of caramel syrup, and a cup of steamed vanilla almond milk. Yuummmmm

Here’s how I make it:

Perfect Latte IngredientsI am using a fancy espresso machine, because where I work, they value coffee and give us the benefit of using this daily, but you can use a stovetop espresso maker like this one which comes in a 1 cup, 3 cup or a 6 cup version. This is the version that I use at home. For my first and usually only cup of coffee in the morning, I use 2 shots of espresso freshly ground and brewed, but you can use 1 if you like. It is all up to you and how much caffeine you want to consume.

I then steam a cup of milk, using the same fancy espresso machine, but this one is the one I use at home and absolutely love! It cleans up really well, works quickly and you have the option to make steamed hot or cold frothed milk (just in case you want iced coffee instead of hot). It is well worth the month and will last you forever. If you don’t want to buy a milk frother/steamer and only want to froth, buy this. It is a quick handheld milk frother and will do the job perfectly if you want a cheaper option.

I put two pumps of caramel syrup, (you can get the pump that goes with the syrup here) my two shots of espresso, and my steamed milk. You can top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and then you must take a moment to enjoy! It is a great morning pick me up.

Here’s to coffee!

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