Enjoying the City of Brotherly Love with my City Boy, Thomas

Thomas, my lovely boyfriend, was born in Miami, but grew up for the most part in the burbs of Philadelphia. This month we finally took a trip together to go see the city that shaped him. I already gave you a look into all the food we ate, well I shouldn’t say ALL, the really good stuff that everyone is familiar with. If you missed that post go check it out! Well today I am going to show you a little of our adventures!

Midwest Betty and her City BoySo a little back story, Thomas and I have been living in a long distance relationship since April, so traveling has been mostly him back and forth from Miami to Atlanta and back again. But this time, he actually flew to Atlanta to ‘pick me up at the airport’ to fly to Philly. Well actually, his connection flight just so happened to be the flight I was getting on in Atlanta to go to Philly, so it worked out! I was even able to talk to the flight attendant to get us seats together, DOUBLE WIN!

Plane RidesOur first day while we were in Philly we had two things on our checklist 1. Meet up with Thomas’ really good friend Mugg 2. Go see Thomas’ Mother. Check. Check. It is always good linking up with family and friends and friends who are pretty much family. It always seems like with the right people, time never passed since you last spoke. We toured his friend’s new fixer upper and had me mesmerized wanting to buy a home asap and turn it into exactly what I want! Soon enough we will be in the same city planting some roots.

Now I told you Thomas is a bodybuilder, right? Well he is and you know what that means! Workouts everyday, no matter what. On our second day we had so much planned, but it all had to start with a great shoulder and calf workout at the local LA Fitness. It is great to have an LA Fitness membership because most of the time when traveling we are able to get into a gym with out multi club pass. If we were at a smaller gym, we wouldn’t have that luxury, and for his line of work, bodybuilding, a gym is necessary no matter where or what kind of trip we are on. Post workout, we fueled up at the convenience store named Wawa. If you are from the area, or anywhere close, you know what I am talking about. They have everything you could think of in a gas station/convenience store and then some. I got a specialty caramel coffee drink, and we both got two veggie and egg breakfast burritos.

I said we had a lot planned for this day, and I meant a LOT! After we were done at the gym, Wawa, and got cleaned up we set out to be tourists! I lucked out and had my very own tour guide, so I go the local look into Philadelphia. First stop on our touristy tour was the Comcast Building downtown Philadelphia where Thomas’ cousin works. She was able to give us a great tour of the building and we even treated us to lunch in one of their extravagant kitchens. When I tell you buffet on steroids, I mean it! I had sushi, with a salad and a dessert of jelly bellies.


When you first walk into the Comcast building, there is a huge LED screen that has people ‘walking on walls’ and dancing around and then there are different art exhibits on the steel framing within the glass structure. It is a very cool site to be at and all the people walking in and out of the building make you feel like you are at the center of something great. We went up to the 43rd floor where they have these well known glass stairs cascading down by their huge windows. What a view! Even with the crappy weather, you had a great sight line through Philadelphia.

Glass Stairs at Comcast HQ

But the fun and touristy stuff didn’t stop there! We had to go experience the iconic ‘Rocky Steps’ which is actually the steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but no one really knows that. Now you know!

It was great, there was a guy who was taking pictures of everyone in front of the Rocky Statue, so we were able to get a few great shots. Thomas said my guard is to low, but I would bet a few bucks on me! I am scrappy! Of course we couldn’t be at the steps without recreating the iconic photo of Rocky on the steps with his hands in the air. Thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for us to get some great photos in.

IMG_4584Of course our next stop had to be the Philadelphia Love statue, and what better way to remember the statue with some love in front of it. xoxo I must say that I was a little let down, I had thought that this statue was going to be huge, but essentially it is no larger than maybe 5ft x 5ft a top of a silver frame. Even though the size was smaller than expected, it is pretty cool because it has history. It has been with Philadelphia since 1976 and built by Robert Indiana. If you want to learn more about it check out their website or go check it out in Love Park in Downtown Philadelphia.

Here is a great shot of Thomas in the middle of Love park rocking his custom Miami Cities shirt, made by me! Thomas in Love Park.jpg

After a full day of touristy stuff, we were able to get back to his childhood home, spend some time with family, shop for some odds and ends, and then eat through Philly. If you want to see what we ate while essentially eating our weight in Philly’s goodies, check out my recent blog post – ‘Eating our way through Philadelphia’s Favorites‘.

Our second full day of Philadelphia wasn’t as packed as the first, but it was still a lot of fun. We started in the gym, that goes without saying, this time we had a hamstring workout that included core, and cardio. After that it was time to see one of our great friends and do a little shopping! We checked out the Limerick outlets. It was more to catch up with our friend, but of course I did a little shopping. I moved to Atlanta in March and am expecting my first winter in years, so I needed to buy some fall attire. Then we ended the night with close friends and family with an amazing spread by Thomas’ mother and friends. Nothing like a great Family Dinner.

Have you ever had ‘raw greens’? I am not sure if that is the correct name, but it is raw greens, raw garlic, some seasonings and vinegar/oil. It is a topping or a side for meals. Thomas’ mother makes it and it is supposed to be extremely healthy. It is spicy because of all the raw garlic, but the benefits outweigh the spiciness. Garlic can reduce blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, and has a bunch of other great benefits.

Saturday Track Workout

Since Thomas’ cousin showed us an amazing time on our first day in Philly, we thought we would show her to a great workout on the track with us first thing Saturday! We had an intense workout at the track of the high school Thomas graduated from. It is always fun to be able to walk the same steps he did back in the day when he was a younger man. We did a cardio/body weight circuit workout that involved the track and the stairs. We had smiles at the end of it but we put in a lot of work throughout the workout.

The last day was a slower day. We spent the day enjoying family, catching up with a cousin Thomas hasn’t seen in years and old high school friends that came to link up before we flew out. I must say it was a great trip, even though the weather wasn’t the best, I know we will be able to make it up here soon and see even more of the city.

7527005184_IMG_0064Sunday came to soon, and not only did we have to make our good byes to the city and family, but we also had to say our goodbyes to each other. Thomas was on his way back to Miami and I was on my way back to Atlanta. We shall see each other soon. IMG_4667

Goodbye Philly, thanks for treating us so well!

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