I tried the Face Mask with 18,342 Reviews

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I have recently started to live my life in a more natural and ‘green’ way of living. Yes, this is kind of new, last year or so, and no I am not an expert, but I am trying to lessen my overall carbon foot print all while leading a healthier life. So when I started to look at beauty products, I have been seeking out more natural ingredients and one that I have recently fell upon is this Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay face mask. You can find it on Amazon for a solid $9.31*. It claims to be the ‘World’s Most Powerful Facial’ with Deep Poor Cleansing! Well today my friends, I am going to try this out!

Indian Healing Clay.jpg

First off, the ingredients come as natural as you can. 1 ingredient – 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. So originally I didn’t know what that exactly meant or how this was going to equate to the ‘world’s most powerful facial’ so I did a little research. One article I found in the Reader’s Digest shows 9 Reasons why Bentonite Clay should be added to your beauty routine. So it seems like a pretty good miracle worker and has the makings to be pretty powerful as their tag line suggests.

After reading the Reader’s Digest article, I am looking forward to the following three benefits the most:absorb excess oil, purify pores, and gently exfoliate. I have been blessed with pretty decent skin on my face, I can thank my momma for that! But every once in awhile I too break out. It is always good to have a face mask in your bathroom drawer, just in case you are: a. Needing a spa moment at home, or b. Get your face back to normal!

Today is just a test day – so I guess you could say it is a ‘spa moment’ but I will most likely be doing chores while having it on my face, so not very relaxing. But hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do especially since she is taking a trip to Philly next week; I gotta pack!

So here it goes! First step I am doing, which is a step I always take when doing any kind of face wash is wash my face. It does you no good to put a face mask on your dirty face. While keeping with the theme of natural products, here is my go-to absolutely favorite face wash, Ole Henriksen Face the Truth Gel. It was referred to me by my BFF, Lissa, a few years back and I just love it. It has a great citrus smell, lathers really well, and makes your face clean without drying you out. Trust me, it is the best.

Face The Truth Gel Cleanser

Second step is making the calcium bentonite clay into a face mask. Per the Aztec-secret.com website, you mix equal parts clay and apple cider vinegar (ACV) or water. I have actually seen people use a half water/half ACV mixture instead of just ACV, so for my first time, I think I am going to try that just to be on the safe side. I didn’t want to use a lot, so I measured out 2 Tbsp of each part and mixed it in a small glass bowl. You can buy specific mixing bowls with special brushes to apply the face mask, but I don’t have time for all of that. I am using a small kitchen bowl, and a small kitchen spatula to mix it. I also ended up using the same spatula to apply the mask on my face.


I have more sensitive skin, so I am only going to try it for 15 minutes. Per the website, people with delicate skin should only leave it on for 5 minutes and people with normal skin 15-20 minutes. I am going to take a gamble and try it for 15 minutes, and just see how it goes. I normally always turn red, which they state a slight redness may appear, so I am not to worried about it. When mixing the clay into the ACV/water mixture it bubbled up, which was kind of cool. I applied it pretty thick and set my timer for 15 minutes.

So all in all I like this product. My skin feels great, slightly smoother, but there wasn’t a drastic change as expected. I could have left it on for more than 15 minutes, next time I’ll try 20-25 minutes. I didn’t feel any burning or tingling feeling, but I could feel it tightening up which is understandable with the drying of the mask.  But the fact that this products is 100% natural, doesn’t have any additives, fragrances, and doesn’t test on animals, that’s what wins me over! There are many different products out there that can give you the results of a nice clay mask, but this has it all! Props to Aztec Secret for offering such a great product, and the Mother Earth for creating it, I guess she deserves props to.

This is not a paid advertisement. Just showing you that natural products can be affordable and have great results! But please remember, my results may not be the same results as yours. If you want to learn more about this product, please see their website at www.aztec-secrets.com. If you would like to read the Reader’s Digest article please see their website.

*If you purchase something through one of the links I may earn a small commission, but no worries, it doesn’t cost you a thing. If you would like more info on this, please visit my disclosure here.

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