I had a beignet and I LOVED it!

File_005Just because today is the day to look forward with my blog, but also to still look back at my first posts, and let’s be honest this is my favorite! Because who doesn’t want to see me eat a fluffy, powdery square of goodness that is a beignet?? Haha well here is a look back to our trip to New Orleans!

When you go to visit New Orleans you must go to Cafe du Monde on Decatur street in the French Quarter, especially if you are a foodie, like myself. I have only had a beignet one other time in Savannah in a New Orleans themed restaurant on the river, but I was told you haven’t had a beignet unless you have had one at Cafe du Monde. So here  I was in New Orleans with a mission to get this famous beignet.

We got off the airplane and headed straight to the French Quarter. We walked all around the French Quarter trying to find this cafe, stopping in amazing littles shops along the way.  There was a long line wrapped around the cafe, every table was full, except one! It was full of dirty dishes, but that’s ok, we are going to get it. I have to get this beignet. We sat down, the served wiped down the table and we looked at the menu, and then my heart crumbled. CASH ONLY. We had to leave, I forgot my cash in the car. Tomorrow will be the day I get my beignet.

We ended up walking to a sweet little spot named Cafe Fleur-de-lis, got a small table in the front. Thomas is on prep, since we are here for a competition of his, the Cajun Classic Pro Gulf States, so he had to be health conscious to an extent. He ordered an avocado bowl, which was a little small for the price, and a fried green tomato plate with a tasty spicy ranch dipping sauce. I started out with an Italian Mango Cream Mimosa, which I have never had before,  and it was fantastic! It was topped with white chocolate shavings, who doesn’t like white chocolate shavings? My meal was a tasty bowl of shrimp and grits. The service was great, the atmosphere was cute, and the vibe was chill.

But lets fast forward to today! Today was the day that I had to have a beignet. We drove down to the French Quarter and parked right on the river. First stop Cafe du Monde. This time I didn’t even want to fuss with a table, the line was three times as long as the day before, so we went straight to the back and got in the to go line.

You can tell this cafe has been in business since 1862 and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week except for Christmas and an occasional hurricane, as they say on the cafedumonde.com website. They were getting orders faster than you could order them! They had an assembly line of prepared beignets in quantities of 3 with powdered sugar in cute little bags, and cups of coffee, or in my case iced coffee with milk because it was HOT, all ready for customers waiting in line.

I ordered the iced coffee with milk, and an order of 3 beignets. Paid with my cash and walked up the stairs to eat my beignets overlooking the French Quarter. When I say that I took a bite and melted, I melted! It was sooooooo good! It was warm, sweet, crisp yet fluffy, satisfying and worth the wait! Also helped that I had an amazing view and got to experience something with so much history in a fun and energetic city.

Of course I had to take the signature ‘take a bite but try to not get the powdered sugar on your face’ photo! Thanks Thomas, you are great at capturing me at my foodie moments. If you are in New Orleans go check out Cafe du Monde, bring cash, and if you forget go seek out Cafe Fleur-de-lis! Well actually, go to both regardless! xoxo

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